"Behind every movie is a personal story and we find a way to tell it to the world."

Midnight Barbecue

a film by Christian Hoagland and Ruedi Gerber

MIDNIGHT BARBECUE takes place at a birthday party on a single fateful evening. Lenny, the birthday boy, is an insecure young man who has something to prove. After he’s already had too much to drink, his cynical drinking buddy Willy goads him into proving his marksmanship by trying to shoot a bottle off his wife’s head with a revolver. This black comedy is a farcical twist on the William Tell legend and on the true story of William Burroughs, who, likewise under the influence, tried to shoot a glass off his wife’s head, missed and shot her dead instead.

Best Director Award at NYU Tisch School of Arts 1991
"Qualitätsprämie" by Swiss Federal Office of Culture 1991

1991 | USA, Switzerland | 18min. | Documentary
Dialogue: English

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John Bigham, Jan Jalenak, Michael Santoro

Directed and pruduced by: Christian Hoagland and Ruedi Gerber
Written by: Christian Hoagland
Cinematography: Adam Beckman
Editing: Pascal Akesson
Music: Rory Mcfarlane and Mark Russell