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Basmati Blues

a film by Dan Baron

Basmati Blues is a romantic musical by Dan Baron in the style of India’s Bollywood cinema. A young scientist, Dr. Linda Watt (Oscar-winning Brie Larson), is sent to India by her boss, Gurgon (Oscar-winning Donald Sutherland), to sell genetically modified rice to local farmers.

There she meets Rajit, a defiant student who challenges her company’s exploitative and destructive practices, which threaten the very livelihood of the local community. Despite their differences, the two end up falling in love and Linda is increasingly assailed by doubts about her assignment in India.

American Film Festival 2017

2018 | USA | 105min. | Musical, Comedy
Dialogue: English

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Brie Larson, Donald Sutherland, Scott Bakula, Tyne Daly

Directed by: Dan Baron
Producer: Ruedi Gerber, Monique Caulfield, Jeffrey Soros
Cinematography: Himman Dhamija
Editing: Tom Lewis
Sound Editing: David Esparza
Rerecording Sound Mix: Deb Adair
Music: Steven Argila