a Film by Ruedi Gerber, documentary, 62 min, Switzerland 2016

"The world won't be happy until all men have the souls of artists." – Auguste Rodin

At a time in her life when she was shocked and dismayed by images of the War in Iraq and the spread of violence in the world, Anna Halprin paid a visit to the Rodin Museum in Paris. Deeply moved by Rodin's sculptures, she decided to create a dance performance based on Rodin’s compelling figures, a performance that would give expression to her vision of the human body as a reflection of nature: innocent, true and beautiful.

JOURNEY IN SENSUALITY: ANNA HALPRIN & RODIN recounts this creative process and, for the first time in her seventy-year career, we get to watch Halprin in the act of creation, giving shape to her vision. Fred Frith composed an extraordinary soundtrack to accompany the dancers’ movements and the images of Rodin's sculptures, whereby the film becomes a poetic confluence of two artistic visions.

International cinema release 2017

cast & crew
Director and Producer: Ruedi Gerber
Original music: Fred Frith
Edit: Aline Herve
DOP: Adam Teichman
Sound design: Riccardo Spagnol

additional information
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