a film by Ruedi Gerber, documentary, 64 min., Switzerland, 1997

"Everything I make is ephemeral." – Jean Tinguely

The Jean Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland, designed by Mario Botta, opened in 1996, five years after the Swiss sculptor’s death. META MECANO is a poetic depiction of the genesis of this monographic museum, from the builders’ first plans and Mario Botta's designs to its construction and the assembly of Tinguely's fragile mobile sculptures. In interviews with Mario Botta, Tinguely’s wife Niki de Saint Phalle, museum director Pontus Hultén and Tinguely himself, the film goes on to explore the mission of museums and of art in general today. META MECANO is a unique document on the significance of the artist Jean Tinguely and on the role that museums play in our day and age.

Festival International du Film d’Art Paris 1998: Prix de la pédagogie architecturale

cast & crew
with Niki de Saint Phalle, Mario Botta, Pontus Hultén, Sepp Imhoof and others

Director: Rudolf Gerber
Associate Producer: Ted Scapa
DOP: Patrick Lindenmaier, Thomas Krempke
Edit: Mirjam Krakenberger
Sound: Dieter Lengacher
Music: Vinz Vonlanthen
Line Producer: Thomas Krempke