a film by Ruedi Gerber, comedy, 90 min., USA 2001

After a number of unsuccessful auditions, Neely (Chelsea Altman), a young actress, lands her first role in a soap opera called Heartbreak Hospital. Her neighbor Lottie (Patricia Clarkson) is addicted to the show, and the more she watches, the less she is able to distinguish between her own life and the amorous intrigues of the soap opera. The same goes for the whole cast, including Neely, who finds herself increasingly sucked into a maelstrom of confusion between play-acting and being, between make-believe and reality, at the TV studios. Nothing is real anymore: confusion reigns and everyone involved loses their bearings, with fatal consequences.... In his debut feature film, Ruedi Gerber has succeeded in putting together a comedy that never ceases to surprise.

cast & crew
Lottie: Patricia Clarkson
Tonio: Demian Bichir
Sunday: Diane Venora
Neely: Chelsea Altman
Milo: John Shea
Norman Radcliff: Jeffery Ross

Producer: Ram Bergman & Lemore Syvan
Director: Ruedi Gerber
DOP: Wolfgang Held
Edit: Sabine Krayenbühl
Sound: Tammy Douglass
Music: John Davis
Art Director: Shawn Caroll
Light Design: Josh Solson